Real Classy

The term “homosexual agenda” is, in many cases, funny. It's mostly funny-peculiar, but in the face of a realistic conversation such as “Class and Power in Queer SF,” it's also sort of funny-ha-ha. See, in spite of what social conservatives often imply, not all gay people want the same thing – some want to be able to visit their spouses in the hospital, and some want health care. Others, just as right wing Christians imagine, would like to smash the state. Lumping all those people together would be ridiculous. Ha-ha! The panel discussion highlights how different people's lives are within the LGBT community, with a focus on the fact that some are rich and some are not. Expect opinions on organizations like And Castro For All and Gay Shame, Log Cabin Republicans, and on the everyday life of transgendered locals. Poets Meliza Bañales and Solidad de Costa, circus performer Keith Hennessy, and writer Michelle Tea also examine gender, age, and geography as they affect queer life in San Francisco.
Wed., Jan. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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