Ride in Style

Bike riders aren't usually the nattiest of dressers, unless ripped-up shorts, Chrome bags, and ironic mustaches fit your definition of the height of fashion. Fortunately for the continued existence of the species Homo bicyclus, there are some who do, and God love 'em for that. The Bike from Work Party and Fashion Show presents the rare opportunity for the utility-dressed set to show off their duds on the runway and let their inner fashion divas out. Benefiting the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the party and fashion show is the culmination of events celebrating Bike to Work Day. The fashions on display aren't exclusively for the fixie-riding road warrior, however. One of the primary messages the coalition wants to convey during Bike to Work Day is that anyone can commute by bicycle, no matter the profession, whether modest bagel baker or high-powered securities trader. Last year's show displayed a collection of fashions tattered, eccentric, and even professional, emphasizing the inclusive spirit of the event. And while few of them are likely to appear on the runways of Italy, who needs the official endorsement of the sedentary fashion elites anyway?
Thu., May 12, 6 p.m., 2011

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