Rock the Boat

The 21st summer season of WestWave Dance is upon us — in one night. Historically, this carefully curated festival has lasted between one and four weeks. And, because WestWave removed the prohibitive burden of production costs from the shoulders of new choreographers, the festival has always been a fruitful combination of burgeoning talent and seasoned vets. Over the years, that has meant 393 world premiers, 523 choreographers, and 2,092 performers — completely dependent on outside funding. This year, it could afford to choose only one. A single choreographer for a single night. It chose Maurya Kerr. Often quoted as saying, “Ferocity doesn’t care what it looks like,” Kerr first grabbed our attention as a principle dancer for Alonzo King LINES Ballet. Through her own company, tinypistol, Kerr has condensed and distilled that loose-limbed intensity and fierce grace. Tonight, Kerr presents BUCK, which was commissioned by the Aspen Fringe Festival, and 2011’s Sick with Joy, as well as the world premiere of tinypistol’s FreakShow, an exploration of uniqueness that should resonate with most San Franciscans. We trust that this will not be the last we see of WestWave, but we are very glad they are choosing a bang over a whimper.
Mon., Aug. 27, 8 p.m., 2012

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