Run, Don't Crawl

Without your map tonight, you're nothing. What's that you say? You know your way around? You've lived here a whole year? You have a smartphone? Forget it. It's not smart enough. Tonight is Lit Crawl, the intellectual orgy that's the climax to Litquake – and the only time you'll see this neighborhood overrun by salivating brainiacs rather than Cool Kids carrying 40-ouncers and barfing between parked cars. In three phases, about 450 readers perform in nearly 80 venues – including bars, bookstores, cafes, alleys, and even a police station. There's a mere 15 minutes between phases, and by the time you get to your chosen event it'll probably be more than full, with bodies backed up onto the sidewalk straining to hear above the street noise. So that paper Litquake map is crucial. It'll show you in a millisecond the routes to Plans B, C, and D. And when you're among intellectual scavengers, milliseconds count. It might sound pointless, but it's not. Even Plans C and D are better than most things that happen throughout the year. Some examples: Women writers speak out in “He Said What? Sex! Deception! Politics!” at Mina Dresden Gallery. Kearny Street Workshop members deal out disaster in “Apocalypse Now What?” at Forest Books. Carol Queen hosts smut scribes in “Good Vibrations” at the Women's Building. Journalists and crime writers (including two who've worked for SF Weekly) inhabit “Mystery and Mayhem” at Mission Police Station. But trust us on this one. Bring that map.
Sat., Oct. 15, 6 p.m., 2011

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