Sex Work and Society

San Francisco has an unusually high number of sex workers per capita. They’re not only prostitutes (some of whom seek decriminalization of their trade), but also people who work in sectors that are quite legal: strip clubs, adult films, commercial BDSM, the literary trade, photography, education, and the performing arts. It’s no wonder, then, that this work force has produced a network of social and political activists (not to mention a strip club that’s unionized and worker-owned). Tonight the Center for Sex and Culture and Femina Potens Gallery collaborate on a panel discussion called The Other View. Speakers will address the role of consent in their sector of the sex industry, in addition to a broader discussion of Bay Area sex workers. One panelist is Jiz Lee, a porn performer who blogs about these issues and raises money to benefit sex-positive, queer, and kinky causes; Chloe Camilla is a sex educator, performance artist, model, and writer; Cyd Nova coordinates a transgender-care program at the St. James infirmary (a clinic devoted to sex workers and their partners); Carol Queen is a sex-educator, author, and performer who co-founded the Center for Sex and Culture and is staff sexologist at sex-toy retailer Good Vibrations.
Thu., Jan. 26, 7 p.m., 2012

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