Silence Not Golden After All

We have a bad attitude, so we like to imagine the brainstorming session for the Walk Against Rape as a movie. Ours would be directed by Robert Rodriguez, so everyone would look kind of sweaty and furious, and attractive either visually or through the power of their fierce characters. “Castration Rampage Against Rape?” one muscly woman would say. “How about Bashing Fools’ Heads In Against Rape?” a grandmotherly type would suggest, hefting a brick. But the good women who put together the Walk Against Rape are classier than we are, and instead chose to organize a fundraiser that’s positive and healing and involves chocolate, not revenge. Statistics say fewer than 20 percent of rapes are reported to police. Got a daughter? Get a brick. Or, if you’re intelligent, get educated about prevention, help get people talking about what can be done to reduce rape, and have a nice snack at La Raza Park afterward.
Sat., April 30, 10 a.m., 2011

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