Smash, the State

If you heard Godzilla was scheduled to stomp down your whole neighborhood in a few months, you'd get out of the way. You'd be safe. Still, you probably wouldn't be too happy about it. And if it weren't really Godzilla, but the Transbay Joint Powers Authority who was going to demolish your joint, you might be downright pissed. That's what happened to gallery owners Jen Rogers and Kerri Stephens, several years before their lease was up. At “Eminent Domain Awareness,” several prominent citizens speak up about Godzilla behavior on the part of the government: Jello Biafra, Matt Gonzalez, and Warren Hinkle, among others. And the walls hold art from many of the 200-odd artists the gallery has hosted in its lifetime, as if to say, “Look what you're stomping out, you big dumb lizard.”
June 5-20, 2009

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