Snakeskin Suit

The recent G.I. Joe movie was an overproduced bore, filled with special effects but missing a story. It also lacked the silly but infectious Reagan-era nationalism that characterized the animated series of the 1980s – as well as its groan-worthy one-liners (“I’m going to kick the mustard out of that crazy hot dog!”). But Hollywood marches on, against logic and opinion, guided only by global box office returns and star power. Therefore, this spring, we will be faced with Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. But Cobra 1st Legion is here to help. This G.I. Joe-themed cosplay and charity group will be at the Cartoon Art Museum not only to celebrate the film’s forthcoming release on March 28, but all things G.I. Joe – which means the nostalgia-stricken among us who have been dismayed by the feature film’s lack of “Yo, Joe!” spirit can participate in good conscience. The CAM event includes sketching, photography, promotional giveaways, and a book drive for Operation Paperback (benefitting American service personnel). The biggest book donor will win a chance to attend an advance screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation in the company of Cobra 1st Legion cosplayers, which should elevate the film experience immensely.
Sat., March 16, 1-5 p.m., 2013

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