Solo Soul

Snakes coil, vines spiral, the earth revolves, the planets orbit, and on our spinning planet whirl all the cells, adding and subtracting to the massive torque of the universe. Dance ethnologist, archaeologist, artist, and teacher rolled into one, Farima Berenji, scholar of Persian dance history, presents “Night of the Soul,” an intoxicating mix of improvisational dance and poetry, for one night only. Featuring music played live on tar and daf by Sina Dehghani, the evening brings together ancient myths and ritual expressions to an unlikely zone south of Market. But don't just go to be mesmerized by sacred dance — take your turn in the revolution with open floor Sufi whirling led by Berenji to close the evening in an experience that will still the ego as it opens the soul to the resonant mysteries of the cosmos.

Sat., July 5, 8 p.m., 2014

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