Some on the Floor, Some on the Walls

It helps to be an art nerd at “Summer '08, New Work: Photography and Sculpture.” If you're an art nerd, you see the continuum of Misako Inaoka and Kathryn Spence's small sculptures, from their past work to the present contributions, it makes you jump and titter. Nerd. But even if you're a normal person, this group show would probably get a squeal and applause out of you – if you thought no one could see you. Because the work is just that good, with especially exciting stuff by Larry Sultan, whose photographs of porn “shoot houses” are not explicit, but absurd and drily funny. Another favorite is Todd Hido, whose country-road pictures are too light to be dark, in a literal sense; but too dark to be light, in some figurative way. Jim Goldberg, Paul Schiek, Catherine Wagner, castaneda/reiman, Ulrike Palmbach, and Lucy Puls also contribute.
July 23-Aug. 23, 2008

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