Sounds Like Gore

Gwar is a band. Yet Gwar also provides something more, um, experiential. Elaborately costumed as grotesque overlords from another dimension, the band has been known to strap on gigantic penises and, uh, leave its spray on the first few rows of the audience. You could say the act has something in common with Gallagher’s, only it’s in better taste. In songs such as “War is All We Know,” “Sex Cow,” and “Babyraper,” Gwar envisions the world as a churning, bone-crushing processing facility that chews everyone up and sends blood and money out the other end. Let's go to Gwar's lyrics: “I call out your God, till before me he stands / But don't send me Jesus, he's only a man! / MEAT! SANDWICH! / MEAT! SANDWICH! / MEAT! SANDWICH!” That’s from the song called, well, “Meat Sandwich.” Do we need to mention that Gwar does not ask us to take it seriously? We’re not talking about Metallica here. Gwar is as over-the-top and unrestrained as American satire can be — subtlety is not in its vocabulary. Death, destruction, monsters, and blood are just the warm-up. Gwar’s stage show is Grand Guignol as metal, or vice versa. The band routinely “kills” celebrities on stage, eats babies, and is visited by the dual personality of Jesus and Hitler, who proceeds to – you might have seen this coming – leave his spray on the audience.
Fri., Nov. 11, 8 p.m., 2011

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