Space Age Survival

The era of machine domination has already begun its tenure: Our powers of navigation, communication, recollection, and sensation are all mediated by devices that weigh less than the gray matter that we still, out of courtesy and physiological necessity, lug around. Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts goes retro-futuristic in its space opera Number Zero, which imagines a band of humans in a showdown against artificial intelligence. Using real-time computer augmentation during the performance, dancers will play a game against time and improvise solutions to problems developed on the spot. Choreographer Sheldon Smith explains, “We've created a set of circumstances in Number Zero in which the performers are asked, in a certain sense, to 'survive' the moment-by-moment unpredictability of a work that is continuously shaped by what appears to be an intelligent and authoritarian power.” Every show is therefore an experiment that illustrates our ongoing dialogue with machines and technology.

June 20-21, 8 p.m.; Sun., June 22, 7 p.m., 2014

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