Spit It Ou

Tours are like living organisms: disparate entities with something in common come together for moments to form a cohesive whole, percolate, and part. The Sister Spit Tour is rolling resolutely through several cities, scooping up performers and dropping them off as it goes. The event is rich with women and queer artists, some who draw, some who write, some who perform, and some who do something in between. Take Nicole J. Georges, an artist and zinemaker who favors animals and indie-rock girls — her drawings are a smile-inducing mix of the cute and the weird. A series of drawings depict horses with perfectly coiffed manes à la Dolly Parton. Another shows a group of elated young girls in T-shirts and glasses brandishing their musical instruments before a row of school lockers. And then there’s the zebra posed innocently next to the carefully embroidered message, “Tell that triflin’ bitch she can have you.” Georges appears with Annie Danger, who has published a zine on how to make your own sex toys and uses PowerPoint in ways you don’t see in the boardroom, and Elisha Lim, an activist, drag king, and artist. Throw in a few more, like writers Beth Lisick and Michelle Tea, and you’ve got a thriving organism on your hands.
Thu., April 8, 7 p.m., 2010

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