Squealer and Snowball

It's hilarious to take characters from classic novels and put them in a pornographic version of the present, but when those characters are animals… it's probably even more hilarious. Amy Stephenson and the folks behind Shipwreck, an erotic literary parody series, might have outdone themselves with this month's selection, George Orwell's Animal Farm, which is sure to produce a barrage of laughs and probably a few journeys outside the ol' comfort zone. Six authors (two-time winner Maggie Tokuda-Hall, May's winner Gabriel Cubbage, Kari June and Aleks Kang – both from kink.com – Maggie Glover, and Nate Waggoner, in one of his final Bay Area performances) have each re-appropriated one of the revolutionary tale's players and have done lord knows what with them. All stories will be recited in brogue by Steven Westdahl, with audience members voting on their favorite; the winning author then gets to choose a character from the book to be presented at the following show.

Thu., July 10, 7 p.m., 2014

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