Strange Alchemy

Prepare yourself for a chocolate-meets-peanut butter moment. This event, Wagner Bowling, rolls together two things previously unassociated: bowling and opera. Yes, that's right. Bowling and opera. The event is sponsored by the Merola Opera Program, an organization that creates social and educational events for young professionals who love the arts. Professional tenor Casey Candebat will be on hand, and the party is Viking-themed in honor of influential composer Richard Wagner (think Ride of the Valkyries and if that doesn't work, think Apocalypse Now, and if that still doesn't work, think dun-dun-dun dunnnn dunnnn!). So come ready for strikes, spares, and the occasional gutterball, in your finest Viking helmets, Brünnhilde braids, and other Nordic attire. Bonus tip: The Disney museum is only a block away. Stop by before the party for Disney Goes to the Opera. It's a look at the use of classical music in Disney films.

Sat., Feb. 8, 4:30-6 p.m., 2014

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