Styles That Burn

So you didn’t score tickets in Burning Man’s bizarre lottery system. You can either continue grieving, or you can dry your eyes with those furry boots and pencil a year’s worth of decompressions, alt-burns, and other such events in your calendar. Supreme Beings belongs on that list. This conceptual fashion show exhibits new collections from local designers IIMUAHII and Iliano, as well as a dance performance in the grimace-faced, slow-motion Japanese style known as Butoh, set to electronic music by SpacEKrafT. Although IIMUAHII bills itself as a sportswear line, its powerful silhouettes and mysterious textures are a far cry from the Calvin Klein standard of American sportswear, treading instead in avant-garde territory. Imagine the music video Lady Gaga would do if she covered Olivia Newton John’s workout hit “Physical,” and you’ll be somewhat prepared for IIMUAHII. Iliano is the couture descendant of Ilianowear, a local company that specialized in outfitting Burners before its closure in 2009. The present iteration focuses on costuming performers like the evening’s Butoh dancers Ronnie Baker and Luku-san in sculptural, industrial suits. The stark new collection ditches Iliano’s LSD-inspired color palette in favor of solid black, embellished with spikes. The bar donates a portion of its proceeds to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a nonprofit group dedicated to pairing elderly dogs with households ideal for them to spend their golden years.
Thu., March 1, 7 p.m., 2012

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