Sunday Boozy Sunday

With more than 40 handcrafted beers from seven local companies, Brews on the Bay means you can drink, seriously, while ostensibly probing the mysteries of hops. It also means you can get drunk on a ship, just like a real crew, while nodding your head politely as S.F. Brewers Guild members muddle on about their craft, holding glasses up to the sunlight to catch the amber hues. As the day wears on, it means taking a break to fortify yourself with ribs, courtesy of Oola, and becoming intimately familiar with the path to the head. It also means a slow, all-day reevaluation of the band Zepparella (playing Saturday) or Zoo Station (today), followed by a sudden, bleary, late-in-the-afternoon awareness that the band you are listening to is your new favorite band, they’re so fucking awesome, so danceable, and though you’ve never danced to a U2 tribute band aboard a ship in the fading afternoon light (not to mention an all-girl Zeppelin one), there you are.
Sat., Sept. 12, noon; Sun., Sept. 13, 1 p.m., 2009

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