Take a stand

Previously honored with Isadora Duncan, Goldie, SF Weekly Black Box, and Bonnie Bird North American Choreography awards, Robert Moses' stunningly athletic troupe presents its 19th home season with a mixed bill called “RISE.” On the program are two premieres, The Slow Rise of a Rigid Man and Profligate Iniquities, as well as the 2013 hit NEVABAWARLDAPECE. Inspired by the Occupy movement, as well as other historic protests and insurrections from the 19th century to the present, NEVABAWARLDAPECE features music by Obie and Bessie award-winning Carl Hancock Rux, as well as contributions by vocalist Laura Love, composer Corey Harris, and lighting/visual designer Elaine Buckholtz. Moses himself returns to the stage solo in The Slow Rise of a Rigid Man, a companion piece to his Blood in Time, while traditional Jewish Sephardic music forms the base for Profligate Iniquities.

Jan. 23-26, 8 p.m., 2014

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