Take Sides

Rock, Strip, 'n’ Roll isn’t a battle of the sexes, exactly. It is, however, an evening’s entertainment featuring (male, sort of) rock bands and (women’s, near as we can tell) burlesque dance troupes. An analytical mind might just divide that right down the gender roles and into a competition. However, the event organizers seem determined to make it sound like a collaboration, a mutual admiration society, like a big fun party or something, “consisting of mankind's two greatest gifts to the world: burlesque and rock.” That’s cool. But we’re calling our bookie, because while the rock team has Cookie Mongoloid, a very funny and admittedly gender-mixed-up group, and a Mötley Crüe cover band, the ladies have rock-music belly dancers Clandestine, the hot and synchronized Twilight Vixen Revue, and a secret weapon. Because, yes! The female team, not that there actually is one, can count the entirely unbeatable MC Miss Eva Von Slut, sassy tattooed Mae West of your lingerie dreams. Our money’s on the girls. In addition, find massages and rock makeover/portrait time in the club’s underused upstairs space.
Fri., April 23, 9 p.m., 2010

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