Talking Contradiction

Nina G. grew up with a stutter. A couple of times each minute, a certain syllable will hang her up. She'll stall, repeat the same sound a few times – like the word is literally trapped – but then she'll get it out and move on. All her life people have given condescending advice on how she can cure the condition if she just tries hard enough. Others haven't been so kind. To this day grown people mock her and laugh at her expense. But Nina G. doesn't hide. In fact she'll tell you stories about publicly embarrassing people who've laughed at her. She'll tell you these stories from the stage. See, Nina G. is a comedian, and she deals in comebacks. So if you meet her in a cafe or on a BART platform and want to put her down, think hard on that. (Really. We've seen her. She's fierce.) The seeming contradiction of Nina G.'s stuttering and performing fits with tonight's paradoxical pairing of rape-awareness and stand-up comedy, She Who Laughs Lasts. (No typo there. Read it again and think about it a minute.) It benefits the San Francisco Women Against Rape crisis center. The message is clear enough: Laughing can be an empowering way to face the very serious issue of sexual assault. In addition to stand-up comedy from Micia Mosely, Karinda Dobbins, and D'Lo along with Nina G., there's a silent auction, the film Labels Are Forever, and a round of appetizers. You also get to mix with the performers after their sets – just watch your mouth around Nina G.
Fri., Oct. 21, 8 p.m., 2011

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