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A common criticism of the technology industry (aside from our exorbitant rental prices, of course) is that its workers don't represent the diversity found in the Bay Area. There is some truth to that. Twitter was widely criticized last year after revealing that its entire board was made up of white men (the company has since added a female board member) and the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that about 70 percent of U.S. technology workers are white. The Lesbians Who Tech Summit aims to chip away at some of this homogeneity. It's a technology conference “focused on increasing visibility and tech participation in two historically underrepresented communities: the women's and queer communities.” But don't mistake the summit for an Occupy-style rally — it will be a darn fine technology conference too. All types of people are welcome, and the speakers are executives at Facebook, Google, Pixar, and yes, even Twitter. Bonus tip: A limited number of scholarships are available for “students, bootstrappers, and early-stage startups.” See the conference website for details.

Thu., Feb. 27, 9:45 a.m., 2014

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