That Little Something, er, Extra

You're with a group of friends and one of them says, “I worked with David Lynch.” The reply goes up, Awesome! What was it like!? “Well, there was a lot of standing around, and I was in a big crowd. It was really cold and I had to wait a long time. There was lots of free coffee. At one point during the shoot I had to walk right by Bill Pullman and he almost tripped over me! They might have had to re-shoot the scene because of something I did!” OK, being an extra in a movie might not be the most exciting thing, but then again, one never knows. A chance meeting, an impromptu conversation, a moment where a person might become a memorable face in an otherwise indistinct crowd. Welcome to Porchlight Presents: Brushes with Fame. Extras, gawkers, and actors tell their stories and bring (as the producers put it) their “incriminating clips.” Host Arlene Klatte and Beth Lisick have departed from their usual venue to put it in the most appropriate setting – a movie theater.
Tue., March 1, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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