The Answer's Still Out There Somewhere

We once heard a teenager named Cuauhtémoc rail against the term “Latino.” “We're not fucking Latin,” he reasoned reasonably. He liked “Hispanic” even less, for similar reasons. He was also very, very beautiful, and for all these reasons, we cordially invite him to a new art exhibit, “The Question Is Known: (W)here Is Latin American/Latino Art?” Curator Anthony Torres aims to to point out the complications of racial and cultural identity, and we're pretty sure Cuahuatémoc would appreciate that. The huge group show features work by some artists who characterize themselves as Latino and Latin American and some who do not. Some are inspired by Latino or Caribbean visual traditions, and some are not. One of our favorite artists here is Sylvia Ji, whose pretty young ladies sometimes turn up in impeccable calavera make-up so you can see death in them. Elsewhere, find heavyweights like Raymond Saunders and Enrique Chagoya, Mission-School hipster Clare Rojas, and the preternaturally observant Victor Cartagena.

An opening reception for “The Question Is Known” is on April 18 at 7 p.m.
April 18-May 24, 2008

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