The Art of Words

Your art blog, as your critical peers call it, is staggeringly thoughtful. Your sophistication is years in the making, your artistic sensitivity frighteningly heightened and your networking savvy — well, you’ve got a cousin with an editor friend, or something. Screw the convention machine, it’s all about the art, right? Maybe not. The “Art Publishing Now” clustersummit raises its flag this weekend; rally ’round it and learn the ever-evolving lingua franca of all things art publishing. The Saturday summit educates and unites contributors to (deep breath): periodicals, blogs, essays, books, podcasts, open source databases, arts editions, and newer hybrid forms, which we’re guessing are some kind of paper computers. Heads from across the media and art worlds smorgasboard —  including folks from SFMOMA, McSweeney’s, NPR, Chronicle Books, and their ilk — are on-podium offering insight into this dense but as yet un-summitted topic in San Francisco, according to gallery director Courtney Fink. And in writerly form, they wash all that information down with a cocktail or two at an after party (6 p.m. Saturday). Sunday’s Art Publishing Fair gives all involved an opportunity to Vanna White their wares and for the public to check out area publishing leaders such as and, and what they’re doing beyond their niche. But democracy in the art world is now, and anybody with a blog and a few novel thoughts seems to have a voice as loud as the next periodical.
Oct. 9-10, 11 a.m., 2010

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