The Lighter Side of Heavy

Truth that's embedded in humor is no less powerful than truth delivered by serious means. In fact, it can be more powerful — just ask political satirists Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who attracted more than 200,000 people to a 2010 rally in Washington, D.C. In fact, some people consider Stewart and Colbert their main source of news, even though they aren't journalists by traditional standards. The mix of satire and politics is what attracted Kevin Kallaugher to political cartooning. “Drawn from The Economist: The Editorial Art of Kal” is a sampling of his work for a magazine considered to be one of the strongest voices in world affairs. During a span of three decades, Kallaugher has produced more than 3,000 cartoons for The Economist, including 120 that appeared on the cover. He has depicted world leaders including American Presidents George Bush (the 41st and the 43rd), Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Kallaugher told CNN in 2008 that he regularly receives requests for copies of a cartoon he drew in 1997 of Wall Street hysteria, adding, “A good cartoon is timeless.”
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