The Man in Blatz

Jesse Morris and the Man Cougars is a country punk band; hardcore variety of the former and good-natured, foulmouthed brand of the latter. Joe Dean's guitar is awesomebilly, Barry Sinner's bass does country chug with equal affection as pop-punk bounce, and Tom Rockwell drums very, very fast. But the thing to know about this band is that frontman Morris sounds exactly like Johnny Cash. Although he doesn't play up the resemblance, exactly (that would be cheesy), he doesn't try to hide it, either. (Why would he?) Hearing “Cash” sing a Man Cougars original such as “Fuckin' My Pain Away” can be disorienting, but when the band swings around to covering Billy Joe Shaver's “Gonna Die with My Boots On,” you've recalibrated and can just jump around giddily.

Jesse Morris and the Man Cougars join Zero Bull Shit and the Beverly Beer Bellies in opening for the 20th anniversary of the Murder Junkies.
Mon., May 23, 8 p.m., 2011

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