The Night of a Thousand Knots

In the heart of the Castro, those “living outside the female-male gender binary” have a scorching hotspot to call their own. Lickerish artworks cling to the walls; libidinous writers, actors, porn stars, sex workers, and performance artists mingle within; and erotic neophytes explore their fancies in classes for leatherworking, lap dancing, squirting, and merkin-making. The building seems to hum — it doesn’t matter if the wiring is AC/DC, as long as it’s turned on. Femina Potens is the house that Madison Young built, and its most anticipated event is “Art of Restraint,” an exclusive salon that probes the margins between art and bondage. At this formal-dress benefit, lissome slaves wrapped only in rope warm you up with drinks and sultry music. The doors are locked for the night, and the line between architect and onlooker dissolves. Lochai, whose photographs have been named the most erotic in the world, expresses artistry with rope equal to that of his lens. Professional bondage rope maker Monk also performs, along with Young and radical porn star Dylan Ryan.
Sat., March 27, 8 p.m., 2010

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