One thing After Dark: Sexplorations has taught us: No matter what your sexual peccadillo, nature has got you beat. Into water sports? The male porcupine will shoot a voluminous stream of urine at his potential partner from several feet away; if she's into it, she will mate with him until he's begging for mercy but if his urine is weak, she just shrieks at him for being so damn gross and cleans herself up. Think you're hung like a porn star? The male Argentine lake duck has a corkscrew penis as long as his own body — if his lady balks, he uses it as a frickin' lariat. This year, Sexplorations proves that if size doesn't matter (the longest sperm in nature is 1,000 times longer than man's, and it belongs to a fruit fly), it can still be really weird. Dive under the microscope with flower dissections, real-time DNA testing, a live sex act, and insect peepshows. Tonight's guest speaker is Dr. Diana Laird from UCSF's Laird Lab, where she studies the development of germ cells in mammalian embryos.

Thu., Feb. 6, 2014

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