The Shape of Things

Menorahs come in many forms: a moose, perhaps. Community heroes (ceramic police, fire department, and ambulance vehicles). A doctor's office scenario. Or our favorite, a metaphor for the idea “spirit needs matter through which to express itself.” Let's go over that last one again: It's a metaphor menorah. The Bill Graham Menorah is not in the form of Bill Graham, more's the pity; it's in a pretty traditional “tree of life” style, physically speaking. But figuratively, it's a proclaimer, and as the first outdoor public ritual outside Israel when the tradition started way back in 1975, it's powerful- and fun-shaped. Its nickname is the Mama Menorah, meaning its spiritual form is also in the shape of sweetness. On Dec. 5, Sunday, the fifth candle is lit and there's a party with skating, but each day of Hanukkah, one of the massive candles in Bill's menorah is lit, just like it is in your house. Even if yours is shaped like baby shoes or golf.
Dec. 1-8, 2010

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