There Will Be Blood

If Quentin Tarantino turned his attention to the quiet unease of American suburbia, we imagine the results would be similar to You're Going to Bleed, a dark comedy by playwright Melissa Fall about modern malaise, sex, and revenge, which premiered at the S.F. Olympians Festival and won the SEBATA for Best Original Play in 2011. Central to the story are unhappily wedded Anne and John, whose sex life is in shambles; Abigail, John's teen pupil and object of lust; and Anne's sister Helen, who chose her life partner because he looked like Hugh Grant. Described previously as a “heterosexual erotic nightmare,” and “an angry fist being shaken at the canon of American dramatic literature,” the play also promises humor in unexpected places, a haunting, the shattering of a glass unicorn, and, for those not paying attention, someone who is going to bleed. Part of the 12th annual DIVAfest, celebrating women artists.

May 9-11, 7 p.m.; Thursdays-Saturdays; Sun., May 19. Starts: May 9. Continues through June 1, 2013

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