Think Locally, Shop Creatively

We San Franciscans are good at a lot of things. We’re experts at protesting injustice, mapping out bike routes that involve the fewest hills, and finding delicious food. We also apparently excel at holding holiday fairs; you can’t fling a stick right now without hitting a vendor or 10 selling artfully made goods that would be great gifts for Aunt Betsey, but you’d just as soon keep for yourself. If there’s one event not to miss, it’s the annual Holiday Art Sale at Creativity Explored. Every year the gallery throws wide the doors of its working art studio, allowing visitors to sort through stacks of available pieces. There are fantastic drawings and paintings by the resident developmentally disabled artists, but also fabric art and sculptures. The nonprofit group produces a number of special items just for the sale, including a brand new paperback edition of Michael Bernard Loggins’ Fears of Your Life. Loggins is known for composing lists of the things that frighten him — whether it’s anxiety associated with being different, or a fear of dragons. In the book he records 138 of these, with accompanying illustrations. Other artists have contributed designs for cards, tote bags, and wrapping paper to round out the offerings. Fifty percent of the proceeds go toward programs supporting developmentally disabled artists, so you can work some more of that San Francisco spirit into your purchases.
Dec. 11-22, noon, 2011

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