Thrust in God and Peaches Christ

On the Internet Movie Database, the plot keywords for Showgirls are “lesbianism,” “naive young woman,” “box office flop,” and “french fries.” Should you need to know more about the soft-core 1995 Paul Verhoeven homage to the world of Las Vegas stage dancing, there's no better guide than drag queen Peaches Christ. The cult classic has appeared at all eleven annual incarnations of her popular Midnight Mass series, which features stage shows, special guests, and schlock of the schlockiest breed. This year’s screening features a special appearance by none other than Patrick Bristow, who played Marty, the dance instructor who exhorted Elizabeth Berkley’s Nomi Malone to “thrust it, thrust it” (“it” being her rhinestone-encrusted crotch) in the general direction of the audience, fame, and fortune. Also on hand is Rena Riffel, who played Penny/Hope, the ill-fated wannabe dancer who is always one step behind Nomi. If the prospect of watching a former Saved by the Bell cast member flop around on Kyle MacLachlan’s (Twin Peaks) torso like a seizing dolphin in a swimming pool ringed with neon palm trees is not enticement enough, be aware that you receive a free lap dance with every large popcorn.

The hot buttered fun starts at midnight.
July 5, midnight, 2008

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