Twain Shall Meet

It says something about our culture that young adult books keep blowing up. We’re not going to say what it says; we like reading them as much as the next 30something preteen, and we also like how supposedly serious authors keep turning up in those stacks. Like local Lewis Buzbee, who’s there right now with Bridge of Time, released last week. Buzbee sort of hops back and forth — he’s previously won awards with Steinbeck’s Ghost and The Haunting of Charles Dickens for younger readers, and has penned a handful of more literary efforts (you probably remember The Yellow Lighted Bookshop. If you don’t, stop everything and check it out). As for Bridge of Time, we don’t know how anyone of any age can resist it. It’s like Buzbee cracked open our brains and looked for keywords. First, it’s about time travel (we’re listening …), it’s set in many different eras of San Francisco (he’s going to write about us!), and one character is a young Samuel Clemens (Clemens as a boy? That’s as good as Clemens as a San Francisco reporter). We also get to see Clemens take a stab at contemporary slang: “I was also freaking the out.” We’d like Robert Downey Jr. circa 1984 starring in the movie, please.
Thu., May 31, 7 p.m., 2012

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