Under the sea

One of the SF Fringe Festival's most delirious darlings, The Submarine Show, returns under the auspices of the FURY Factory Festival and it should not be missed. The story is simple: Two men wreck their vessel on the ocean floor. Confronted with the dangers of the deep, including a gregarious blowfish, they struggle to shore where riotous monkeys, peacocks, and audience members threaten their sanity. But the production is brilliant: Anchored in an impermeable world of imagination by the physical skills of Emmy Award-winning Slater Penney and former Cirque Du Soleil performer Jaron Hollander, Submarine immerses the audience in a rich, sidesplitting narrative without words, props, or sets. While this mime duo is far from silent – the players act as their own foley team, providing a cappella sound effects and warranted exclamations – it is testament to their talent that they walked away with the “Techies Choice” award, not to mention “Best in Fringe,” using nothing but body and mind for special effects.

July 11-13, 9 p.m., 2014

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