Unseasonable views

At this time of year, there's supposed to be a shortage of good moviegoing options. And the weather is supposed to get (and stay) mercilessly cold. Well, not in San Francisco. The unseasonable weather is a mixed blessing, but on the movie front, the city is simply blessed. Case in point: the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival's year-round programming, which today includes the richly eclectic movie marathon Winter Fest. With films hailing from France, Israel, and the U.S., this five-strong lot contains a fluffy ensemble romantic comedy; a raw thriller about the relationship between an Israeli Secret Service officer and his teenage Palestinian informant; a musical comedy involving cupcakes; a sexually charged provocation; and the dysfunctional-family dramedy A Short History of Decay, which made headlines by staging one scene in a New York cafe filled with well-known writers, making it look, as The New York Times then observed, “like an Apple ad that had been invaded by a viral campaign for chunky glasses.” It sounds like a scene out of San Francisco, too. Except ours, of course, would be shot in a milder winter light.

Sun., Feb. 23, noon, 2014

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