Up-and-Coming on the Catwalk

Spring in San Francisco: Flowers bloom, birdies sing, cold wind and fog blow in from the Pacific, and graduating art students present their final shows. It’s a great time to see what the next generation of artists and designers are producing, and to place your bets on who’ll become the Next Big Thing. One of the more glamorous year-end parties takes place at the California College of the Arts Annual Fashion Show 2011, featuring the work of the Fashion Design Program’s senior class. Set under a tent that evokes the high-powered atmosphere of New York Fashion Week, the show includes strutting runway models and VIPs in the front row. This fashion, however, is distinctly Bay Area. Eleven students present their designs: Spring knitwear by Mariana Moreno-Gonzalez references the tidepools of Half Moon Bay, while a collection by Marcela Lucia that incorporates graffiti and calligraphy is inspired by the writing of Nicaraguan author Gioconda Belli. The school adds a dash of Project Runway-style drama to the proceedings with Surface magazine awarding one designer a full profile in its upcoming “Avant Guardian” issue. There’s a special presentation of projects that merge clothing with cutting-edge industrial design, which is appropriate for a school that has promoted sustainable practices in its fashion classes for more than a decade.
Fri., May 13, 8 p.m., 2011

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