Viva Loss Vegas

Local writer and vegetable enthusiast Sarah Fran Wisby is that rare bird who can restore a person's faith in the written word. Say you've lost your appreciation for metaphor, because the world is so fucked up you just don't know why comparisons matter anymore. Wisby can easily swoop down and deliver an extended political metaphor at a live reading, and bring back all your faith. Afterwards, you might say to her, “I had been mulling over the value of metaphors. I didn't think those things worked anymore. Thanks!” And she'd say, “You're welcome. Questioning the practicality of metaphors is a very worthwhile thing to do.” Then you'd both have some nice whiskey. Of her new book of poetry and prose Viva Loss, author Stephen Elliott says, “Dreamlike, hopelessly romantic, hopelessly hopeful.” In this day and age? Joining Wisby are Amanda Davidson, Ali Liebegott, Jan Richman, and Truong Tran.
Fri., Oct. 24, 8 p.m., 2008

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