Vote Your Conscience, NYC

Smart, effective activists can only go so far before the chant begins, from the friendly camps as well as among the nihilistic snarkers: If you know so much about how things should be, buddy, why don't you run for office? At Elect-a-lujah, find out how Reverend Billy's campaign for Mayor of New York City is going, and whether he's got Jello Biafra as an adviser. The personable anti-consumerist persona preaches a “hot and holy bi-coastal sermon,” says his handler, and local anarcho-Samba marching band/drum circle the Loyd Players joins right in. What's his angle on the elected-office thing? One of the good Reverend's planks goes like this: “The idea that the corporation is the only grown-up institution, and the corporate leader the only true leader – is a costly lie.” His others focus on the transcendent people-power of neighborhoods and putting the nix on “'prosperity' we can't afford.” Billy for Mayor!
Tue., July 21, 7 p.m., 2009

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