Forty million American singles can’t be wrong! Take a personality test! Rank your matches! Find out which member of Dethklok you are! Send a wink or a woo! Strings of hyperbole like this are scattered across the Web every day in the hopes of making a (profitable) connection, while quietly, sadly, buried on Craigslist are records of fleeting moments from real life: “We had a lovely conversation about flea markets. You were cute. I was shy.” “I thought you were pretty adorable talking to yourself as you bought some veggies … I should have said more.” Climate Theater’s artist-in-residence, Claudia Tennyson, seeks to capture the wistful beauty of these Missed Connections in an interdisciplinary piece that draws from real postings about elevator rides, foxtails, and faulty brakes which might have changed lives. The original ads are hung along with artwork created by Tennyson after interviewing the posters. Her work, which has appeared in shows from Omaha to Vienna, often focuses on relationships and the impulse toward repair. To this end, she’s hoping her source material might visit the exhibit and finally make that connection. The show also features improvised skits based on the ads, even for the one that reads only “Coconuts.”
Sun., April 12, 6 p.m., 2009

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