Was a Miner, '49er

If you ever wish to be instantly loved by everyone you meet, dress up as Charlie Chaplin. Hardened criminals, Republicans, real estate developers, tiny children: All humans, no matter how frightening they are or how unlikely you think it is that they may have viewed silent films, love Charlie, and many will call out to you to tell you how much. “How've you been, Charlie?” “Hey, it's my man Charlie Chaplin!” It's extremely fun. This trick probably works best on Halloween, and it comes with one caveat: Learn the roll ballet. Possibly the cutest thing ever filmed, the scene in The Gold Rush in which the Little Tramp forks two pieces of dinner bread and uses them as dancing feet on the tablecloth is iconic — people will ask for it, so be ready. See The Gold Rush accompanied by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, directed by assistant conductor Donato Cabrera. Even roll-ballet lovers often don't realize that Chaplin composed his own scores, but he did, which is just another reason to love him.
April 15-17, 2 p.m., 2010

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