Welcome to SF Weekly's annual Resolution Guide

We know most of you have already promised yourselves to get more exercise, eat less/more of whatever is supposed to be bad/good for your health, and generally work on improving your self and/or your karma in 2006. That's why this Guide comes to you after the middle of January: By now, your backsliding self probably needs a little reinforcement to keep those promises.

But we're here to give you more than a boost. This year, we're beyond resolutions; what we're proposing is nothing less than regime change, on a personal level. Toss out the old and bring on the new you, whether it means seeking out quieter forms of entertainment or looking for love in all different places.

Speaking of love, why not get over yourself and take a fond look at some of the quirky wonders of the city around you? Then get over your pre-employment interiority complex with a guided tour of purveyors of affordable vintage furnishings in the Bay Area. Finally, get over your over-employment complex with a whole host of reasons to take your full allotment of vacation days this year. Once we tell you it's good for you and your employer, what else do you need to know?

Check out the Guide, and prepare to change that regime.

–Kate Hawthorne, Editor

Quiet Is the New Loud
Get Out of Town, Already
Change Your Romance Regime
Out With the Old, In With the Older
Recall Why You Stay by the Bay

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