What a Pushover

How tempting would this be? You see a Big Important County Supervisor standing near the edge of a hotel swimming pool. Or maybe it’s the head of a Big Important Investment Firm — or a group of high-profile people from, say, Twitter. Do you sneak up and push them in? Don’t be preposterous! Of course you don’t! You pay off someone at the hotel first so you won’t get in trouble! No, really: You pay off someone at the hotel. Tonight. But it’s not to avoid getting in trouble, it’s to help an organization that assists low-income people in the city. It’s the Celebrity Pool Toss, where people (which is to say, you) bid to hurl local celebs into the drink. This year’s tossees include District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim, CEO John Pritzker of Geolo Capital, and a yet-unidentified group of techies calling itself “Team Twitter” (which we bet has fewer than 140 members). It raises money for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp. Organizers say it’s brought in more than $3 million since it was started in 1992. Tonight’s pack of hosts includes Cindy Williams and MC Hammer, and non-pool entertainment will feature the Fabulous Bud E. Luv Show, Samba do Coração, and DJ Rafa. We hear there will be buff lifeguards, too. The ticket price is a bit higher than our usually recommendations, but consider this: One tossee is Whitney Arnautou, a first-degree black-belt who developed a self-defense program called Core-a-Te. After tonight you might be able to say, “I once pushed a martial arts expert into a pool at this party, and she didn’t even fight back.”
Tue., Oct. 11, 6 p.m., 2011

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