What’s Opera, Doc?

Probably a lot of perfectly good culture gets avoided because people just don’t get it. Without a baseline understanding of the art in question, they have no context for appreciation, and so are confused, and made angry, which is why so many theatrical performances end with the audience throwing feces and shrieking. The older, “higher” arts seem to suffer particularly, and so the San Francisco Opera has chosen to combat this ignorance with its Opera Preview Lectures, talks by musicologists given across the Bay Area to beef up knowledge of upcoming performances. Today, professor and critic Simon Williams discusses Richard Wagner’s tale of knights, swans, and the Holy Grail, Lohengrin. It’s a good one for neophytes, since anyone who’s been to a wedding has probably heard part of Lohengrin: Wagner’s “Bridal March” made its debut in this opera.
Wed., Oct. 17, noon, 2012

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