What's This “Honoring” Thing?

San Francisco loves the Day of the Dead, since it's an excuse to dress up, parade around, and feel spooky. Nothing wrong with that. But San Francisco also loves Bastille Day, since it's an excuse to dress up, parade around, and eat cake. For people who can get a little deeper than their understandable desire to run the streets hooting and prancing, we have options. (No one's saying you have to choose between drinking and thinking. Do both, by all means.) One intelligent option at the moment, one with gravitas, soul, and deep cultural roots, is “Honoring Revolution with Visions of Healing,” a long-standing annual Dia de los Muertos display of art and altars curated by father-and-son art superteam Rio and Rene Yañez. This year, the Mexican marigold-and-skeleton encrusted tradition of contemplating death is interpreted by artists via personal stories, observations about the Gulf of Mexico, the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, and the rebuilding of New Orleans. Artists include Adrian Arias, Gato, and Amanda Lopez, so anyone who visits “Honoring Revolution” with gravitas, soul, and deep respectful curiosity comes away dazzled, yet humbled — no hangover.
Oct. 13-Nov. 6, 2010

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