Whistle While You're Off Work

Unlike Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney didn’t completely abandon short subjects for features. After all, there was a lot of money in cartoons, especially after television stepped into the role of cut-rate babysitter in the ‘50s. But Disney was just as ambitious and as much of a perfectionist as Chaplin, and pretty darn talented, and in retrospect it seems inevitable that he would have challenged himself and risked his company to make an animated feature. That pioneering long-form film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, turned out to be more than a box office smash and stunning artistic coup that netted Disney an Honorary Academy Award and seven miniature statuettes. Adapted from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, the 1937 film ingrained sweetly optimistic princesses, evil stepmothers, and resolute Prince Charmings into countless countries’ cultures for all time. (Happy Meals and related tie-ins with Snow White’s numerous re-releases helped a little, no doubt.) Digitally restored by a lot more than seven computer-equipped helpers, the beloved family musical brightens a beloved neighborhood screen 75 years and 10 days after its Hollywood premiere.
Jan. 1-6, 1:30, 3:45, 6 & 8:15 p.m., 2013

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