Who Let the Flying Monkeys Out

You know you’re an adult when you no longer enjoy The Wizard of Oz as a fabulous fairy tale or a demented drug trip but appreciate it as a work of art. If you need a little help making the leap over the pop culture/camp classic rainbow, a select group of tuxedoed men and women are leading guided tours for new initiates tonight and tomorrow night at a swanky little spot on Van Ness. The Wizard of Oz: Movie Night with the San Francisco Symphony takes mainstream entertainment to a rarefied place it almost never goes, with arguably the finest musicians in the hemisphere providing live accompaniment while Victor Fleming’s sumptuous 1939 saga unspools. Imagine Harold Arlen’s lush original score on steroids — that is, sounding immeasurably better than you’ve ever heard it in your life. (Shoot, we promised ourselves we’d avoid drug references.) Judy Garland’s renditions of Arlen’s songs, with lyrics by E. Y. Harburg, also benefit from the venue’s unmatched acoustics. Dress up (like an adult) or dress in costume (not like an adult). Conductor Michael Francis leads you out of Kansas to the Promised Land all the same.
Fri., July 27, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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