Within Spitting Distance

We are at a moment during which blaming the 1990s for extraneous holes in people’s faces and a backlog of black boots is no longer important. Now we may comfortably hail the grunge-addled decade for its excellent cultural contributions, which in San Francisco significantly included the literary movement Michelle Tea and Sini Anderson created with Sister Spit. Frustrated with the overbearing cock talk omnipresent at open mics in the city, they created an all-female event that ran for two years at the now-defunct underground cave/bar the Coco Club, and then took it on tour starting in 1997. Fourteen years later, the nature of Sister Spit has evolved to include dudes and visual art, always keeping original voices the priority. Tonight’s show features a bevy of excellent performers taking part in the spring 2011 tour, including local transsexual lifestyle arbiter Amos Mac, photographer and editor-in-chief of Original Plumbing magazine. Also on board is teen novelist Blake Nelson, author of many books including Paranoid Park (later made into a film of the same name by Gus Van Sant). Charming and talented author Myriam Gurba reads, as well as graphic novelist Mari Naomi and the frequently publicly naked Kirk Read. The evening is hosted by unsung comic geniuses Tea and Ali Liebegott.
Mon., March 21, 7 p.m., 2011

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