Wowie Woo Wow

Hang onto yourself, Ziggy Stardust is coming to Sweetwater Music Hall to celebrate the Fourth of July with all you young Americans. The actual David Bowie has long since put away his lizard suit, yet the legacy lives on. The Jean Genies, a local San Francisco Bowie tribute band led by Geoff Ball, has garnered quite a reputation for channeling the Spiders from Mars and faithfully jiving us that we are Voodoo. Joining them are the Killer Queens, an all-girl Queen cover band. Those loud crackles and bright fireworks exploding into the sky were originally meant to symbolize the winning of the war of independence from the British. There has been much glitter painted sexy liberation since then, in part, because of wild and gender-bending rockers hailing from the U.K. To the Yanks and the Brits and a little slink and slither. Independence, in these new Millennium ways, is so very saucy. Bang!

Fri., July 4, 8 p.m., 2014

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