Yo Ho Yo Ho

We fondly remember the first time we were mopped. There we were, innocently admiring the tub of lard at 826 Valencia's Pirate Supply Store, when all of a sudden an old-fashioned fuzzy mop dropped on our head. This is merely one of the magical experiences that shop holds for its visitors, but its best poorly kept secret is that the retail establishment is a front for the youth writing programs that take place in the back. Now 826 Valencia is teaming up with literary pop-up Quiet Lightning for an evening of readings they're terming (what else?) Pirate Lightning! Known for their quick-fire format, free of distracting reader introductions and bad jokes from a host, Quiet Lightning is mixing things up this time by narrowing the age range of their authors from 6-18 in the spirit of 826 Valencia's youth-oriented workshops. All participating readers also have their pieces published in Quiet Lightning's artful periodical sparkle + blink. Tonight is just one stop on Quiet Lightning's 2013 Tour Through Town in which the focus of each monthly show is informed by the venue and the awesome local organizations they have wrangled as partners.
Mon., Feb. 4, 6:30 p.m., 2013

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