You Sunk My Battleship!?

Battleship is one of the Bay Area's most beloved and notorious bands, but its final local performance (before its singer and guitarist skip town) has been preceded with little fanfare. The band threatened violent implosion with every gig, so the idea of a last show doesn't really pack the punch it might. With a live MO that embodies “going for it,” Battleship's sets have racked up tales of near injuries from swinging mike stands and flying basses, plus unfairly punished amplifiers and throats, along with at least 3,000 gallons of spilled drinks. Sounding like four rabid dogs gnawing on Confusion Is Sex-era Sonic Youth's equipment, the band's mix of mutant dub and post-post punk was infectious enough to make many brave the pit time and time again. Though future touring and recording hasn't been ruled out, the band doesn't have any plans, so don't let a BART ride — or a distaste for bloodshed — stop you from missing tonight's show.

Aa and Robin Williams on Fire open.

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